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Mt. Rainier's big sky shadow -- from the sunny side

Mt. Rainier's big sky shadow -- from the sunny side

Last week we posted some dazzling photos Mt. Rainier's shadow being cast across southern Washington's sky.

This week, some photos from the other "lit" side of the mountain.

Tyler Mode of Vancouver was down there last Friday when the mountain put on the show. He sent some photos of the sun rising on the mountain and you can kind of get the effect the mountain created, although you don't see the shadow on the sky here:

To compare, here are some file shots from years ago showing the shadow from being on top of the mountain:


First by Dr. Dale Ireland:

And another one from Jason Hummell:

Back to the present -- on last Friday, later in the day, just to keep showing off, Mt. Rainier donned a lenticular cloud:

(All photos Copyright Tyler Mode, used with permission from the photographer.)

You can see more of Tyler's great collection of photos on his online photo account.

Have a great weekend!