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Just how high are those waves offshore?

Just how high are those waves offshore?

Nothing like being out at sea and riding waves that are taller than some 4-story buildings, but believe it or not, that's how large the swell was out in the Pacific Ocean early Monday morning.

A buoy roughly 315 miles west of Aberdeen reported a wave height of 43.3 feet at 4:50 a.m. (I tried to find some reference of just how tall 40 feet is, and about the only thing I came up with is for those of you who have been inside the Experience Music Project building, it's roughly the height of the video screen in the Sky Church.)

Closer to shore, waves were nearing 30 feet tall, with a buoy near Cape Elizabeth (45 miles NW of Aberdeen) reporting just under 30 feet waves while another buoy just offshore from Grays Harbor reported a 28-foot swell at 8 a.m.

If you want to track the waves for yourself, here are some links:

* Buoy "46005" -- 315 nautical miles west of Aberdeen
* Buoy "46041" -- 45 miles Northwest of Aberdeen
* Buoy "46211" -- just off Grays Harbor

You can find even more buoy information at the main National Buoy Center site

Cliff Mass' weather blog has some more charts to ponder.