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Wednesday's here, got your fake cough ready?

Wednesday's here, got your fake cough ready?

While many of us are still adjusting to turning our clocks back an hour this past weekend, perhaps we should take it a bit further and turn the clock back three days.

Call it "Sunshine Saving Time"

Because if it seems like all the nice weather is being hoarded by Wednesdays this fall, you would be correct. In fact, one clever golfer in Lynnwood has apparently figured it out and has taken advantage.  I received this amusing e-mail from Paul T. in Lynnwood on Tuesday:

"I thought I would drop you a note in hopes of clearing up the mystery of the dry Wednesdays. You see, my good friend and business partner Mark is an avid golfer. For a while now he has made Wednesday his day of choice to relax and enjoy this hobby. It did not take long for us to notice a strange dry weather pattern emerging around his golf schedule.

"At first there was denial. We would all wait eagerly for the next week's forecast and have a good laugh when we saw a nice juicy storm heading for golf day. However, the mirth would not last long. Before our very eyes, the heavens would shift, patterns would change, and somehow there would be a patch of dry weather up in Everett at the golf course. It became a vendetta at that point. Multiple forecasts were scrutinized, radar images studied, rain dances performed - all to no avail.

"There was even a point when Wednesday was supposed to be the one sunny day of the week, but after Mark changed his golf schedule to Thursday, the forecast hiccuped and Thursday and Wednesday traded weather. So now, we are resigned. We just tell ourselves to schedule outdoor activities for Wednesday mornings in the northend. I hope that perhaps with this new information, you can have some peace of mind as we continue to see the march of mysteriously dry Wednesdays continue to roll on."

I did some more research and it turns out, Mark's streak is more amazing than you might realize.

Going back to the first Wednesday of autumn and averaging up the 7 Wednesdays since, the average high temperature has been 66.3 degrees -- well above the average of 60.9 degrees. Remember the 74 degree day on Nov. 3 that tied the all-time record high for November? You guessed it, the 3rd was a Wednesday.

Even more amazing is the sunshine index. Of the 7 Wednesdays, 4 were considered sunny - as in 30 percent cloud cover or less, and none were overcast. Averaging it out, the 7 day average was only 38.5% sky cover -- almost unheard of this time of year. Of the 8 sunny days we've had this autumn, half have come on Wednesday.

Oh, and it has yet to rain on a Wednesday in autumn.

Let's contrast that with the weekends, shall we?

The average Saturday high during the period was 60.5 degrees, and Sunday's was 58.4 degrees. Saturday has had 2.28" of rain and Sunday has had 2.22". Combined, the weekends account for a little over half of the 8.43" of rain that has fallen this fall.  Average sky cover? 77% on Saturdays; 81.4% on Sundays.

So there you go. Maybe ask to work that weekend shift for a while in exchange for Wednesdays off. Or, start faking that cough on Tuesday afternoons. Just don't try it around Paul -- he's on to you! :)