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Driest golfer in town almost works his magic again

Driest golfer in town almost works his magic again

The streak was bound to end sometime. Before this past Wednesday, we had gone 8 straight Wednesdays dry with the vast majority of them mostly sunny.

That got Paul T. in Lynnwood quite suspicious. You might remember from my blog last Wednesday about how his co-worker always seemed to manage his golf outings on these gorgeous Wednesdays -- even though he planned them far in advance and even though we were square in the start of the Northwest rainy season.

But Paul had to feel confident his miracle golfer friend was finally going to get his soaking comeuppance after cheating the rain for so long. I mean, we had another windstorm today with a big cold front spawned by a massive storm that stretched across almost the entire Pacific Northwest. He HAD to get wet today, right?

Well, when he teed off Wednesday morning, he was as dry as every other Wednesday. How?

The radar picture tells the story:

Yes, he managed to squeeze in his game right in the Olympic Rain Shadow. But just when Paul thought "CURSES, FOILED AGAIN!", he found that Mark didn't make it through all 18 before the skies opened up and he finally got wet. But he claims it wasn't his fault.

From Paul: "I just spoke to (Mark) and he said that they made it past the 15th hole before things went bad. He also mentioned that they would have beat it, but a couple of his golf buddies were a little slow."

Nice try, but we hereby declare Mark's streak over. It was a nice run! And if you could let us know when you're hitting the links again, it might make our forecasts easier.