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The proper way to measure snow

The proper way to measure snow

Not that we think a lot of people will need to bother, but a few of you could see some snow this weekend. Typically during snow events we get quite a wide array of snow reports -- sometimes several inches' difference over a short distance.

It could be some are just eyeballing it. Others might be measuring in a drift. Or some might use unorthodox measuring devices (such as the Ichiro Bobblehead doll Dr. Dale Ireland uses from his deck in Silverdale (pictured above). By the way, Ichiro is out there again now for this weekend. )

Now some variability is expected, but if you've ever wanted to truly and accurately measure snow, here is a slide show presentation of the steps to take. (Click the graphic below to start it)

This training comes courtesy of the Community Network. They are an invaluable network of volunteers that report rain, snow and hail from their home to a central location. I've used this data in some of my past stories -- it's especially useful in getting rainfall totals for cities that do not have an official NOAA or FAA weather station.

Now, some of you weather geeks out there might think, "That sounds fun, can I play?" and the answer is a resounding YES! They are always looking for volunteers.

Just head to and sign up! There are some other training courses on there to learn how to be an official weather observer as well.