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Skiers happy for storms; East Coast happy for lack thereof

Skiers happy for storms; East Coast happy for lack thereof
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A bit of a potpourri blog today to catch up on some weather news from around the globe:

Ski resorts get going again this week!

Calling it "the most favorable season-long forecast in over a decade," Stevens Pass ski resort announced Monday it will open for the season on Wednesday, Dec. 1. They say they've got 32" of snow at the summit with another boat-load of snow expected Tuesday.

Snoqualmie Summit also says they will reopen on Wednesday.

Crystal Mountain already opened and should be in good shape with Tuesday's new snow.

White Pass was open with limited operations this past weekend and say they'll reopen Thursday for daily operations.

Mission Ridge also opened last weekend on limited operations but should be in good shape by midweek, but check their website for the latest info.

Mt. Baker has been open for a while as they have an elevation advantage for getting early snowpacks going.

Past Hurricane Season A "Gentle Giant"

The east coast of the U.S. pretty much hid in plain sight this hurricane season as 19 named storms formed in the Atlantic Basin -- tied with 1887 and 1995 for third most on record. But almost all of them managed to miss the United States.

The only one to make official landfall within the United States was Tropical Storm Bonnie, which hit just south of Miami in mid July. Tropical Storm Hermine technically made landfall just south of Brownsville, Texas on the Mexico side of the border and Hurricane Earl skirted the Atlantic coastline, but didn't make landfall until Nova Scotia.

La Nina summers and autumns do tend to enhance the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but the United States was lucky in that jet stream was positioned to push most storms away from the coastline when storms approached, NOAA officials said.

"As NOAA forecasters predicted, the Atlantic hurricane season was one of the most active on record, though fortunately most storms avoided the U.S. For that reason, you could say the season was a gentle giant," said Jack Hayes, Ph.D., director of NOAA's National Weather Service.

Also on cue, it was a typical quiet season in the Eastern Pacific -- also a trait of La Nina. With only seven named storms and only three hurricanes, it was the fewest hurricanes in that basin since the satellite era began in the mid-1960s, NOAA said.

In Britain, afternoon tea is now iced

Fresh off our big arctic outbreak last week, the United Kingdom is also shivering quite a bit.

According to Reuters, the temperature dropped to 0F in Llysdinam, Wales, while lows of 4.5F were recorded in Scotland and 7.7F in Topcliffe, England. Ireland, usually warmed by the Atlantic currents, dropped to 14F.

Weather In Poetry

And finally, Carol Smith, resident blog poet, has two new ones with the recent fall weather:


Miss La Nina how does one with such a sunny little name
Be, for all this snowy havoc, who it is we have to blame
Your name sounds like we should be under a palm tree where it's warm
Not held captive by an unrelenting raging artic storm

Did some prankster of a parent pull a naming joke on all
When they gave you one not frosty, but instead quite tropical
Aren't you jealous of your brother whose influence on our town
Makes us want, instead of bundling up, to turn the furnace down

Well I think it is deceptive for a lady to pretend
That she's hot, when in her presence cold's the only time we spend
So unless you change your chilling ways and warm us up a lot
It's only fair that you should be renamed and called La Nina-not

After the Fall

In Fall leaves crunch beneath my feet
Like cornflakes spilt upon the street
Then limply droop on roof and lawn
As if in milk they've stayed too long

But with the coming stormy days
They start their gutter clogging ways
By riding on the wind and rains
Into my cranky neighbors' drains

They care not how I toil to fill
My lawn bags up, for lurking still
Above my head new hoards reside
Just waiting for their downward ride

Though God will never rake a leaf
Still if he had, it's my belief
Deciduous, to be succinct
Would long ago have been extinct