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Awesome time lapses of snow and stars

Awesome time lapses of snow and stars

We're blessed here to have two good sources of time lapse video that show off our unique weather patterns, but one of my readers found this gorgeous time lapse video from Dustin Farrell, a videographer in Arizona.

He says this is a year's compilation of his time lapse work - most shot in Arizona, although he says Goblin Valley State Park and Natural Bridges Monument in Utah also make an appearance.

Landscapes: Volume One from dustin farrell on Vimeo.

Back home, let's show off some of our best of the recent storms.

First up is Seattle in a snow globe -- time lapse of our Nov. 22 snowstorm courtesy the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department.

And here is a serene morning that turns into an somewhat bubbling atmosphere on Nov. 28, courtesy Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale:

Great job guys!