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Stormy tidbits from the past few days

Stormy tidbits from the past few days
YouNews contributor "sattgast"sent in this photo of a flooded home along the Skokomish River.
Let's see, since Sunday we've had: A major Pineapple Express, strong winds, a massive squall line and a damaging tornado that touched down in Oregon.

Amidst the headline-grabbing events, there have been quite a few weather morsels uncovered that we've been Tweeting and Facebooking that I figured would be good to recap.

From my account @ScottSKOMO

* What was big about the 29 mins between 8:08 p.m. and 8:37 p.m. Saturday night? It's the only time it didn't rain in Seattle between noon and Saturday and noon Sunday.

* On Sunday, Seattle reached 59 degrees, and Yukon, Alaska was -53 -- a 112 degree spread!

* On Monday, as Seattle was still warmer than normal, it was nothing like the record 82 degree high in Phoenix that day as the west coast continued to bask in the warm weather.

* Good graphic of squall line as it moved through Puget Sound area.

* Oregon tornado is 99th on record since 1950. But of those first 98, only 3 have ever caused injuries; each causing one minor injury. Tuesday's tornado near Salem injured two, setting a record for most injuries by tornado in the state.

* For Washington, there have been 106 tornadoes since 1950, of which the April 5, 1972 stands as the only deadly tornado. 6 people died and 300 were injured.

* UW time lapse video of sun, then rain, then sun in Seattle --

* Survived interview with Ken Schram on KOMO Radio on what caused the thunderstorms.

* YouTube video purporting to be Aumsville tornado is actually Alberta tornado from 2007

* KOMO's Matt Markovich just sent video of a hailstorm in Normandy Park --

From Paul Deanno @PaulDeannoKOMO

* North fork of the Stillaguamish River near Arlington hit its highest point on record: 15.29' (15.20' on 11/24/90).

* Some of the highest rain totals from Pineapple Express include 6.05" in Issaquah, 5.40" in Shelton, 4.80" in Bremerton, and 4.70" in Darrington.

* Seattle received more rain this weekend (3.47") than we typically do in July & August combined.

* Here is the chunk of tree that I found on my car at 3:30 Tuesday morning...

* Here is the large branch that tried to go through my bedroom window...

* Take a look at the radar from 12:41 this morning. 50 mph winds, hail, lightning...

* Peak wind gusts from Monday night: 70 mph in Hoquiam, 54 mph in Tacoma, 51 mph in Seattle, 43 mph in Puyallup.

* Seattle has had nearly as much rain the past 7 days (6.31") than we have had the past 2 Decembers (6.85" in '08 & '09) combined.

From Steve Pool @StevePoolKOMO

* I love doing the weather, but there were times last night & today I thought "And now we get this!" "Aren't we due for a break around here!"

* Hail in Normandy Park right now, Overall T-storm chance is dropping but it's still active out there.