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L.A. could steal December rain crown from Seattle

L.A. could steal December rain crown from Seattle
A woman braves the rain as she crosses the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Brighton Way in Beverly Hills, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010.
Seattle and Portland are just about tied as the wettest largest cities on the West Coast in December, each averaging about 5 1/2" of rain.

But this month, we're in danger of losing our rainy crown to an unlikely place: Los Angeles. And what's even more amazing is that, it's not like we've been all that dry up here.

In fact, Seattle has a reasonable chance to have one of its 10 wettest Decembers since 1945. (Then again, Los Angeles is on pace to have one of its wettest Decembers since an ark was the major mode of transportation.)

And it's not just Los Angeles that is in the mix. The San Francisco Bay Area is also having its rainy woes as well and is in the race for the crown too, albeit as a heavy underdog.

Here is the scoreboard through Tuesday's rain:

Seattle: 7.04"
Downtown Los Angeles: 6.82"
Los Angeles (LAX): 6.32"
Portland: 5.84"
Oakland: 4.59"
San Francisco: 4.01"

But while Seattle is maintaining a slim advantage, LA has the ball near the goal line and is poised to take the lead with another major rainstorm coming in Wednesday. (Yes, I realize the irony of using a football metaphor for Los Angeles.)

After Wednesday's rain, it's Seattle's turn to score some points as the bulk of the West Coast showers will return to the Northwest Thursday through Saturday. Seattle won't pick up a whole lot, but maybe another 1/2" or so by the time we get through Christmas weekend. On Monday, A weak pulse will focus some rain on the Portland area, and then Southern Oregon through San Francisco gets a good soaker for Tuesday, helping them catch up a little.

By next Wednesday, showers focus again on the Pacific Northwest and southern California, with one last pulse going through San Francisco on New Year's Eve.

Seattle gets the rain back soon after on Jan. 1, but the crown will have been awarded by then. But who will it go too? Stay tuned...

Wettest Seattle Decembers

Right now, Seattle's 7.04" is good for 17th wettest, but 8.28" would get 10th place. Here is the list of wettest Decembers:

1979 11.85
1996 10.18
1955 9.5
2007 9.08
1972 8.98
1998 8.98
1968 8.55
1973 8.33
1966 8.31
1970 8.28
1994 8.15
1975 7.66
1980 7.39
1958 7.15
1950 7.14
1965 7.1
2010 7.04