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'Twas the forecast before Christmas...

'Twas the forecast before Christmas...
KOMO Meteorologist Paul Deanno penned an excellent forecast for this Christmas Eve and it's too special not to preserve in the weather archives :)


'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the city.
It was raining outside, but the streets still looked pretty.

As many kids pondered, "A White Christmas would be nifty",
It's hard to make that happen, when temperatures are near fifty.

The rain continued Christmas Eve... and Christmas Eve night...
Making spotting Santa an even more impossible sight.

Christmas weekend and your kids moods will rarely be higher,
Good news from the meteorologist, as our forecast will be drier.

Highs in the forties I will continue to claim,
But the weather pattern for next week will not be the same.

A cooling trend will arrive, highs 10 degrees above freezing,
But it shouldn't be so sudden, that you'll end up coughing & sneezing.

Next week we will still have showers falling from the sky,
But beware at the passes, as the snow level won't be that high.

As for lowland snow, it's still too early to say,
But it's not looking likely between now and New Year's Day.

How much snow have we seen this year? In inches, only 2-point-7...
Here's to hoping for more snow in 2011.

Wishing you a happy holiday, celebrate in every way,
Have a Merry Christmas, and make it a great day.