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Seattle in 2010: It rained on every holiday

Seattle in 2010: It rained on every holiday
Sure it was dry on Columbus Day, but here is what it looked like the Sunday before, when most people cared. It was a familiar sight across all the holidays in 2010.
Long time residents know that there is an uncanny connection between holidays and rain in Seattle -- just seems like rain always gravitates to the three-day weekends.

But never was that more true in 2010, because as it turned out, it rained on *every* major holiday in Seattle this past year.

Check this out:

New Year's Day: (Jan. 1): 0.40"
MLK Jr. Birthday: (Jan 18): Trace. (0.42" on actual birthday of Jan 15)
Valentine's Day: (Feb. 14): 0.42"
President's Day: (Feb. 15): 0.07"
St. Patrick's Day: (March 17): 0.01"
Easter Sunday: (Apr. 4): 0.11"
Memorial Day: (May 31): 0.31"
Independence Day (July 4): 0.11"
[SeaFair Sunday (Aug. 8): 0.03"] -- we treat it like a holiday
Labor Day: (Sept. 6): 0.12"
Halloween (Oct. 31): 0.16"
Veteran's Day (Nov. 11): 0.13"
Thanksgiving (Nov. 25): 0.01"
Christmas (Dec 25) 0.32"

The only asterisk to the stat is if you consider Columbus Day a "major" holiday since most people don't observe it any more. But it's too bad if you don't as the observed holiday date of Monday, Oct. 11 was dry. However, it did rain 1.95" inches over both weekend days ahead of it.

Guess those comedians know their stuff, huh?

By the way, one day into 2011 and the stat is already thwarted this year as it was dry on New Year's Day.