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Mother Nature does her best Chihuly impression

Mother Nature does her best Chihuly impression
Photo: Mike & Donna Foster

This ice sculpture looks like something people would pay hundreds to have at their big party, but for Mike & Donna Foster of Lake City, it didn't cost them a penny.

Instead, it's what they found on their frozen copper bird bath Thursday after temperatures the night before had dropped into the 20s.

They said the sculpture was about 7 cm (2.75") across and 8cm (3.15") high, but by Sunday it had lost a few centimeters due to the days' warmth.

This appears to be an elaborate form of "ice spikes."

The surface of the of water freezes first, sealing in the water below. As that water begins to freeze, it expands, creating higher pressure under the ice lid. Eventually, the pressure will either cause a small crack or opening in the ice where water will start to dribble out -- sort of like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

However, as that water squeezes out to the surface, it too freezes. The pattern repeats until this refreezing process. In this case, it looks like the process worked in layers.

Here are some more amazing photos: