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Quadrantid meteor shower due Mon. night

Quadrantid meteor shower due Mon. night
File photo of a meteor streak during a meteor shower.
It's pretty rare that we can see a meteor shower in early January -- not that they don't occur, but that it is clear outside. But Monday night, we are lucking out. The Quadrantid meteor shower is set to put on a show. At its peak, forecasters expect about 100 meteors an hour, but the peak is expected to end fairly early in the evening in the Northwest, so we're not getting quite the best show possible, but it should still be a good show.

Just go outside and look up. The peak viewing times will be between 2-5 a.m. as the center of the storm (the "radiant" from where they will appear from) will be high up in the northeastern sky. But even going out this evening should net a few. Just need to get to a place where city lights are minimum.

Skies are expected to be mostly clear and even the moon is new so it's a rare combination of good January viewing fortune.

The meteor shower is from the remnants of 2003 EH1. More information and a sky viewing chart at