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Cool videos: Incredible flooding and busy airports

Cool videos: Incredible flooding and busy airports

A bit of a potpourri blog to tide you over this weekend.

First up, some incredible video of massive flooding in Toowoomba, Australia, back in early January. What started as a little rushing river turned into a flood for the ages.

(Best quote in the video: "So glad I parked out front today")


Now, how about something more calming? I stumbled upon this time lapse video of regular airport opearations at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. Who knew it was that busy? (Some pilots are raising their hands, I'm sure.)

And a couple of final tidbits:

KPTV Ch.12 Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen helped spearhead a project to get a wind gauge placed at Crown Point's historic Vista House, which is along the Columbia Gorge.

You might remember last January Crown Point had a gust over 100 mph so now you can monitor just how windy it is there, 24/7.

The link is

And if you always liked the name of "Queen Charlottes" for the islands off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, well, it's time to learn a new name. Canada has officially renamed them "Haida Gwaii" in honor of the local population. And now the Canadian and U.S. Weather Services will be referring to their new name, in case you were looking for their forecasts.