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Seattle's nights warmer than many cities' highs

Seattle's nights warmer than many cities' highs
The waterfall in Wichita Falls, Texas is frozen solid after several days of single-digit temperatures Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011.

I've received plenty of e-mails from those who have relatives shivering in the massive arctic outbreak that has struck the eastern 2/3rds of the nation, and some of the statistics have been staggering.

In fact, on Thursday, Seattle had a high of 49 and a low of 39. But there were dozens of cities in typically warmer climates that were colder for a high temperature than Seattle had for its nighttime low.

Some of the biggies:

Tucson: 38
Houston: 32
Dallas: 23
New Orleans: 39 (tie)
Oklahoma City: 20
Atlanta: 39 (tie)
El Paso: 18
Albuquerque: 18
San Antonio: 28

Here is the full size of the map:

Need more cold stats? Our super weather intern Aaron Hill found all these for Thursday:

All-Time Records
                                             Record                 Old
Fort Huachua, AZ              6.8                       
Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ  17.8
Pine Springs, TX                 -2.8
Grants, NM                        -18.8
Holloman AFB, NM          -15.6

Monthly Records

Tucson, AZ                         19.0                      19.9
Imperial, CA                       24.1                      26.1
Clovis, NM                         -4.1                       1.0        
Douglas Bisbee, AZ           9.0                        10.4                     
El Centro, CA                     21.0                      25.0
Las Cruces, NM                 1.4                        8.4
El Paso Airport, TX            1.9                        8.1
Deming, NM                      1.9                        11.8

Daily Records

Tulsa, OK                            -2.8                       0.0
Joplin, MO                          -7.0                       -5.1
Midland, TX                        9.0                        12.9
Santa Fe, NM                     -8.9                       0.0
Aspen, CO                          -19.9                     -0.9

Just Really Cold

Alamosa, CO       -23.9
Gunnison CO       -23.7
Amarillo TX         -1.9