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Second funnel cloud over Seattle from Monday?

Second funnel cloud over Seattle from Monday?
Picture of possible funnel cloud over Lake Union, taken just before 5 p.m. on Feb. 7, 2011 in Seattle.

Monday was quite the crazy weather day around Seattle, as a Convergence Zone brought some hail, lightning and even a funnel cloud.  But later in the day I filmed some ominous clouds to point out what are not funnel clouds -- and in doing so, apparently *found* a new funnel cloud.

Here is the video I shot from my cell phone off the deck of Fisher Plaza, looking to the northeast over Lake Union and Eastlake.

At first I didn't see much rotation so I wasn't sure it was a funnel cloud, but then a few people in the UW weather department noticed the same cloud on their time lapse camera facing south, and it did have some rotation. Oh well, mainly eye candy since the funnel never reached the ground and apparently went unnoticed by the rest of the city.  But it was somewhat ironic since the video came as I was filming this: