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'Burning' question proved: The sun is, in fact, a sphere

'Burning' question proved: The sun is, in fact, a sphere
Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/STEREO/SECCHI

NASA has made it official: the sun is a sphere.

Not that there was any doubt or evidence to the contrary, but for the first time ever, NASA can now beam back images from the entire star -- both the front and the back, NASA said in a glowing press release, showing the sun in all its spherical glory.

The agency says its twin STEREO probes (STEREO is short for Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory -- it's the government so it must have an acronym) moved into final position on opposite sides of the sun on Feb 6. And it's now showing back full pictures of the sun.

"For the first time ever, we can watch solar activity in its full 3-dimensional glory," Angelos Vourlidas, a member of the STEREO science team at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC., said in NASA's news release.

Here are some of the first videos sent back:
(Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/STEREO/SECCHI )

And here is a longer video from NASA explaining the whole STEREO probe system:

Keep this link handy, just in case you ever need proof during a long stretch of soggy Northwest weather that the sun still exists :)