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10 storms in 15 days? Dog gone it!

10 storms in 15 days? Dog gone it!
Dog tries to stay dry along the Oregon Coast. (Photo courtesy KVAL YouNews contributor pynekone)

To say it's about to get wet in Seattle for a while might be an understatement.

The long range forecasts show 10 separate storm systems are set to roll through the Pacific Northwest (or should that be "Pacific North-wet?") - the first of them Tuesday.

The jet stream is setting up shop right over our region, and it's expected to steer several weather systems our way over the next two weeks.

Thankfully, none of the 10 look particularly alarming -- No. 7 & No. 9 barely qualify as separate storms.  Instead, we're expecting just a classic rainy stretch that gives Seattle its soggy reputation. The storms are expected to be about average for wind, rain and at or slightly below average for temperatures -- not anywhere close enough for lowland snow, but cool enough to keep the snow piling up in the mountains and mitigate any river flooding concerns.

Here is a loop of the GFS extended forecast model.  The first panel is Tuesday morning and each subsequent panel is every 6 hours until it goes out 180 hours, at which point each panel is every 12 hours.

This loop encompasses 15 days through March 22.You can kind of make out the North American borders in the brown outlines -- the red numbers I have on there denoting each storm is pretty close to the Northwest. The green and blue blobs denote expected rain with the darker colors corresponding to heavier rainfall.

So if you ever wanted to explain to someone who lives outside the area just how it can rain so much around here, just send them the link to the blog.

Oh, and stay dry out there!