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There L.A. goes again, trying to steal our rain 'thunder'

There L.A. goes again, trying to steal our rain 'thunder'
Pedestrians cross a flooded intersection in Los Angeles' Hollywood district as rain, occasionally heavy, falls on Southern California Sunday, March 20, 2011.

After narrowly losing to Los Angeles in the race to see whose December was wetter, it seems Los Angeles is once again trying to usurp Seattle's street cred for being the soggy city on the West Coast.

You might remember Seattle just went through a stretch of several storms in a week in a half. The soggiest two days were March 9 and 10 where we collected 2.02" of rain in Seattle.

But if you add up our tally of our eight storms that have rolled through since March 8, we've received 3.78" of rain.

Down in SoCal? Some cities did that and better -- in *one* day -- on Sunday.

LAX might have "only" received 2.36" but Burbank had 3.85", Oxnard: 4.21", and Santa Barbara just recorded their wettest day in history with 5.23" of rain, besting their old record of 4.74" on March 15, 2003.

To top it off, a waterspout was reported just off the coast of Huntingdon Beach late Monday morning.

The storm currently plaguing Southern California was supposed to be Storm No. 9 up here but it instead turned south and sounds like we dodged a bullet.

Two more storms are set to move into California the rest of this week before the storm track returns to the Northwest by the weekend. Since LAX didn't get quite the deluge that its surrounding areas did, I think Seattle will safely officially have more rain than Los Angeles proper for the month of March and not suffer the indignity of losing to L.A. twice in four months.

But suffice to say, the west coast is really not the place to be this month to dodge any rain.

Special thanks to Terry Kubar at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Mark Albright at the University of Washington for pointing out the soggy California statistics