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New site will spark your interest into weather history

New site will spark your interest into weather history

Ever wondered what the weather was like on your birthday? Need to impress the spouse with remembering exactly what the weather was on your wedding day? Have an important bet as to whether Sea-Tac's temperature or wind speed was greater during the Inauguration Day Storm?

I've been pointed to a new web site has all the answers you are looking for.

Check out This site apparently has the entire weather records for several cities across the nation -- even down to hourly observations, which are updated to the site moments after the observations are taken.

It also has generic climate information for any date of the year -- great for wedding or outdoor planning. Want to get married on, say, August 13th? Here is a statistical climate analysis of that date for Seattle. Going to Denver instead? No problem, it's got that too

Or, you can impress your friends by comparing two cities. Like, say, Seattle annual rainfall versus Houston. Or even Seattle vs Everett.

By doing this, you can see how Everett and Seattle have similar annual rainfall totals but get theirs in different ways -- Everett loses some rain on big rainy days due to being partially in the Olympic Rain Shadow, but also gets plenty of rain on Convergence Zone days that Seattle misses out on.

The site is still in Beta mode, but I gather it'll be a treasure trove for weather research... and settling those all-important bets :)