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Seattle climbs to its first 60 degree day in ages

Seattle climbs to its first 60 degree day in ages

On November 3, Seattle hit 74 degrees -- one of the warmest November days on record. A day later it cooled a bit to 65 as a few more clouds rolled around.

A day later, the rains came, and we've been under 60 degrees ever since.

That is, until today. With abundant sunshine and a warming east wind off the mountains, Seattle's temperature climbed to 60 degrees Wednesday afternoon as of 2 p.m. It was even warmer in some spots with Renton at 61 degrees and 62 degrees at Boeing Field.

The 60 degree reading also means this year will go down as the fifth latest date to be warmer than 55 degrees -- the latest date was April 4 in 1971. For 60 degree readings the latest date was April 11 in 1954. It's only happened seven times that we had to wait until April to get our first 60 degree reading and 2011 will not join the ranks.

The spring preview is going to be short-lived however, as showers return to the forecast Thursday as we eventually prepare for a soggy weekend with highs back down into the low 50s.