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Watch thunder clouds from Wednesday explode to life

Watch thunder clouds from Wednesday explode to life

One of the most awe-inspiring sights on a cool spring day is to watch the cumulus clouds tower and bloom as the sun's heat triggers their development. But it's even more amazing to watch the process when it's sped up.

Below are two time lapse videos taken Wednesday amidst the chaos of the showers and thunderstorms that formed and moved across the Puget Sound area. Watch as the videos reach into the afternoon how the cumulus clouds just explode.

The first is from the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences building looking west. Pay particular note about :58 seconds in on the video how the cloud forms over Kitsap Peninsula and then moves in. Also note how the clouds begin to blow from every-which-way.

And here it is from Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale: (He was only able to run his camera until 1:30 p.m. that day):

While we're on the subject of cool looking clouds, I stumbled upon this YouTube video that shows the amazing wall cloud that was over North Seattle on March 15. (Here is our video/blog entry of the event.) If you speed the video up, you can see some general rotation in the clouds in addition to what looks like a funnel cloud around 2:38 into the video:

(Warning: This has music if your speakers are turned up :) )

The weekend looks much calmer, but there will still be quite a few clouds around to pique your interest.