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Snoqualmie Pass already ahead of average annual snow totals

Snoqualmie Pass already ahead of average annual snow totals
Motorists chain up their tires at Snoqualmie Pass on Nov. 21, 2010.

As Thursday morning's surprise snow in Bellingham demonstrates, it's still a little chilly out there.

And chilly weather down in the lowlands means it's still snowing on occasion in the mountains adding to the gobs of snow that have already fallen up there during the winter.

In fact, Snoqualmie Pass recently passed the annual average snowfall of 431 inches per year. The WSDOT says that as of April 11, Snoqualmie Pass has received 451 inches of snow and it looks like the pass has received about another 5" since then.

It's the most annual snow at Snoqualmie Pass since the winter of 2007-08 when the pass received 590 inches of snow.

The record for annual snow since 1949 is 828 inches, set in the winter of 1955-1956.

Here are the Top 5 snowiest winters in the pass:

1) 828" in 1955-56
2) 696" in 1949-50
3) 692" in 1973-74
4) 680" in 1953-54
5) 678" in 1963-64

Since 1990, the snowiest year is 1996-97 which was 602".

January is the snowiest month on average with 107".

Records by month: October 43" (1975), November 142" (1973), December 192" (1968), January 267" (1954), February 169" (1956), March 221" (1955), April 97" (1955), and May 25" (1999).

You can see the full chart at the WSDOT Web site.