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New camera allows us to keep eye on Admiralty Inlet

New camera allows us to keep eye on Admiralty Inlet

We are lucky in the Puget Sound area to have quite a few nice video cameras that keep daily time lapse videos as a pseudo record of the weather events around here. Now we can add another to the list.

Greg Johnson has just upgraded his camera perched on his home near Hansville that looks north across Skunk Bay and Foulweather Bluff to where it will record time lapse video:

Here is an example of a recent time lapse video:


He says the place gets some crazy wind patters from the variable terrain, and he says even Kenmore Air has contacted him due to the complex turbulence.

Here is a map of where the camera is located:

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He joins three other reliable time lapse cameras that I know of.

First up, there's Dr. Dale Ireland's camera near Silverdale that looks across the Hood Canal just south of Dabob Bay. He's now testing out a wider lens that would allow him to take two videos per day -- one zoomed in on the Olympics; the other focused more on the sky

Then there is the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department which has two weather web cams atop their building. One looking west; the other looking south.

Here is a recent example from that camera:

And last but not least, keeps a camera trained on Mt. Rainier to keep an eye out for cool lenticular clouds.

Like this one:

So keep these cameras bookmarked. Even if you stare at the clouds every day, you're sure to find something you missed when you see it in time lapse!

If you have a time lapse video camera set up to record the weather and post your movies online, I'd love to hear about it and put it in the rotation to be featured on occasion in the blog.