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Optimists cheer: It's been dry 27 days this year!!!!

Optimists cheer: It's been dry 27 days this year!!!!

I was thinking by May I'd be over with the chilly and soggy statistics, but not this spring, where a forecasted high of 66 degrees -- just three degrees above normal -- has us doing cartwheels.

But why not? Days above normal have been exceedingly rare this spring with 66 the high-water mark through Wednesday. And it seems the rain can't take more than a one or two day break.

So let's catch up on some new gloomy weather statistics, fresh off the whole "coldest April on record" show that had us riveted last month:

Stop The Presses, It's Raining in Seattle:

Seattle is well-known for its dichotomy of those who love the rain and those who wish we were North Phoenix. So I've broke down the rain stats into two separate sections and you can choose how you want the rain statistics delivered:

Statistics for the Rain Fans:

Has this not been the best spring ever? Sunshine has been sparse, and it seems like it's rained on almost every day, right? Pretty close.

Of the 131 days so far this year through May 11, we've had measurable rain on 87 of them. That's 66%, or 2 of every 3 days. But if you count the days when we had a trace of rain (as in, didn't measure) we've had 104 of 131 days so far this year with rain -- a whopping 79.3%!

Seattle averages 156 days of rain a year, so we're well on pace to have a wetter than normal year! Wooo!

Statistics for the Sun Fans:

Did you hear the news? Seattle has had nearly an entire month of dry weather this year! Sure, we get a rainy reputation, but there's plenty of times out there to enjoy those 15 minute in-between rain-shower walks.

So far this year in Seattle, we've had 27 days when it hasn't rained one iota! That's almost four weeks! Who needs Arizona? And if you don't count the "Trace", that number balloons to 44 dry days! Incredible! Not sure where they're getting all this "make the rain stop" -- that's over 1,000 hours of dry time!

And just last month, we had an entire day where the sky was 80% clear -- plenty of clear sky to soak in that sunshine!

So stop spreading the news -- Seattle's spring hasn't been all that bad!

What's the latest date to 70 degrees?

Rain stats? Check. But what about the chilly temperatures -- are we really going to go into another spring tracking latest dates to X degrees?


Last year, it was the record longest wait to 75 degrees. This year? We still haven't hit 70 yet to worry about 75. Baby steps, I guess.

Anyway, the record latest date to 70 is May 23, set all the way back in 2003. We're already in a tie for 7th place and we have a pretty high chance of breaking that record this year if the long range models hold true. About the only ray of hope is as of Wednesday morning's run, it has maybe a high near 70 on May 25. But it doesn't last long.

Here are the longest waits to 70.

1) 2003- May 23
2) 1948- May 20
3) 1963- May 17
4) 1961- May 16
5) 1967- May 16
6) 2000- May 14
7) 2002- May 12
7) 2011: May 12 and counting

And we're already starting to near where we'll be on the 75 chart again. (9th latest is May 24th.)

Also, many are asking when was the last time we hit 70?  It was Nov. 3 at 74 degrees and it was a big deal because it tied the record for warmest November day on record. Oops. Guess Mother Nature showed us. It's been 189 days since.

Sorry sun fans, don't have much optimistic help for you on that statistic, but I do have this to ponder, written by KOMO spring weather intern Justin Walker as he was practicing writing his forecast for the main weather web site:

"There is a significant point in our annual orbit around the sun that should be of interest to those in Seattle: Summer Solstice.  It is the point at which the tilt of the earth’s axis is pointed towards the sun, putting the Northern Hemisphere in line to receive most of the sun’s warming rays.  Why am I boring you with the astronomy lesson?  Because barring the earth slamming on the cosmic brakes and stopping its orbit, we are GOING to warm up.  It is inevitable.  It might not be this weekend, but I wanted to give some perspective in case you were looking into some Arizona real estate."