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Paying a very soggy price for Seattle sunshine

Paying a very soggy price for Seattle sunshine
Photo: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

If it seems that what few sunny and warm days we've had this spring come with a hefty price, you might be on to something.

Our first 60 degree day of the year was on March 23. A day later, it poured with 0.23" of rain, and 0.71" total over the three days' following.

It would be a month before the temperature climbed again. On April 23 it climbed to 66 degrees -- our first official sunny day since late February!

A day later, 55 and raining. We added another 0.70" of rain in the two days' since the sunny day just over 1" total over the next four days.

It had to get better in May, right? May 1st, it was another official sunny day -- a high of 62!

May 2nd: 53 degrees; 0.18" of rain. We bounced back to 62 on May 4th, then it rained again on the 5th and 6th under overcast skies.

So if you're waiting for the other shoe to drop after Friday's sunshine and mid 60s, well, I'd go find a sturdy umbrella.

We'll see rain developing late on Saturday and then as we get into Saturday night and Sunday? It'll be a good old-fashioned soaker. As much as 0.50" to 1.50" of rain is possible in the lowlands as bunch of moisture rotates in around a low pressure system to our south.

It doesn't look like it'll be enough for any river flooding, but some standing water on the streets is not out of the question.

Long range forecast models diverge beyond Wednesday, but the short term model doesn't seem to have any more sunny and warm days within the next 4-6 days. So guess Friday's sunshine was pretty expensive!