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National Weather Service confirms tornado hit Napavine

National Weather Service confirms tornado hit Napavine

Washington has officially entered the 2011 tornado season record books.

The National Weather Service confirmed Sunday that a small tornado touched down about a mile east of Napavine on Friday afternoon.

A team from the Seattle office determined the tornado had wind speeds estimated at 75 mph, rating it an EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita tornado scale.

EF0 is the lowest rung on the 0-5 scale, although the joke among local forecasters goes that they should make an EF(-1) category for Northwest tornadoes, which are typically quite weak.

And this one was no different. The tornado was said to be about 30 yards wide with a damage path about 100 yards long. It was on the ground for under two minutes.

There was light to moderate damage to metal roofs on out buildings and light damage to two houses, such as missing shingles and siding damage.

Washington averages about two tornadoes somewhere in the state per year.