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Weekend eye candy: Sun, clouds and sunsets

Weekend eye candy: Sun, clouds and sunsets

Even when the weather is not all that exciting, Mother Nature shows off in other ways in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the past week or so, we've had some good optical tricks and illusions, as well as a trademark gorgeous sunset.

First up, the sunset, taken from Greg Johnson's web camera in Hansville. He set the time lapse a little slower for this event so it's easier to appreciate the sunset's beauty instead of being gone in a few seconds

And now, some pretty photos.

These first two are rainbow arcs caused by ice crystals in high clouds refracting sunlight into its colors. These sightings have been quite frequent this spring and summer is apparently no different:

Here is a larger version of the rainbow clouds over Mt. St. Helens, submitted by YouNews contributor nschumacher:

By: Karina Sogge:

"Starship Enterprise" cloud by Lisa Greenlee, taken at Golden Gardens Park.

And finally, pilot John Vogel took these "pillar" Cumulus clouds billowing in the air over Paine Field.

And here is one I took out on Elliott Bay while learning to sail. The clouds were several different colors, as if they were a soap bubble, but my cell phone camera didn't really pick it up well. But it turned out as a neat shot anyway :)

Have a great weekend!