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Large rock avalanche on Mt. Rainier caught on camera

Large rock avalanche on Mt. Rainier caught on camera
Photo courtesy: Mt. Rainier Climbing Blog

Mount Rainier has been a flurry of activity over the past few days as climbers have witnessed a few major rock avalanches along the Nisqually Glacier.

According to the Mount Rainier Climbing Blog, there have been slides that have featured a "50' wall of snow, ice, water, dust, and rock coming down the glacier that would outrun anything in its path."

The first avalanches were reported on Friday when rangers reported feeling the earth shake and hearing a loud rumble, according to the blog.

Then on Saturday afternoon, two climbers up on Mt. Rainier had their cameras rolling when the latest slide began. One climber posted on their YouTube account: "Smaller and larger rockfalls happened during the day about hourly. Around 4pm a huge part of Nisqually Cleaver fell down, creating a fast river of rock and snow. It was the biggest that day."

Here is that video:

And here is another angle, taken by YouTube contributor "mrcellenwood"

In all, there have been three large avalanches over those two days, the climbing blog reported. They say park officials have not closed off the area to climbers but the blogger suggests avoiding that glacier area for a while.