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Mother Nature puts on show over Chicago

Mother Nature puts on show over Chicago

 Chicago might be known as the "Windy City" (and yes, I know that moniker's origin is not weather-related) but this past week, it could have gone by "Stormy City"

A series of vivid thunderstorms moved through the Great Lakes region, putting on quite a show.

First up was the frequent lightning. Take a look at this video of a lightning strike that hit the Sears Tower on Thursday. (OK, it's actually the "Willis Tower" now but it'll always seem to be the Sears Tower.)

Then on Friday, these eerie clouds appeared over Chicago. These look like the recently-categorized "altocumulus undulatus asperatus" clouds. The first one was taken over Wrigley Field by AP photographer Charles Rex Arbogast.

The second was posted on Twitter by @dianakost

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