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Keep live tabs on Old Glory

Keep live tabs on Old Glory

Sunshine on the 4th of July is never a slam dunk around here -- Independence Day is statistically the wettest day of the month in Seattle. But this year, we have lucked out with plenty of sun and perfect temperatures in the 70s.

To celebrate, the blog today links to the live web camera over in Hansville, courtesy of Greg Johnson. Johnson keeps the camera trained both on the sky and the American flag that sits just inside the shoreline. On Monday, it's a way to keep an eye on Old Glory bathed in sunshine as we celebrate the Fourth.

And the flag could use a break after getting quite a workout over the past week. Take a look at his time lapse of the day on June 29th when a convergence zone formed and then rolled through Hansville.

Watch the wind radically shift from the south to the north as the zone passes. His weather data shows the wind was nearly due south at 12:45 p.m. at just a few mph, but shifted to the north gusting to 15 mph just five minutes later, and was up to 23 mph gusts by 1 p.m. The temperature also plunged, going from 66.3 degrees at 12:45 p.m. to 61.8 degrees at 12:55 p.m. to 58.6 degrees at 1 p.m. By 1:30 p.m., it was down to 55.

Speaking of gorgeous time lapse video: This was taken by Dr. Dale Ireland over in Silverdale on July 1. Note the rotating crepuscular rays as the sun sets, followed by some virga (rain falling from clouds that evaporate before reaching the ground) falling from the clouds as the sunlight fades.

Low 70s on the Fourth quite rare

I went back and peeked at every 4th of July from 1949-present. Here is how the temperatures broke down:

<65 degrees: 7
65-69 degrees: 20
70-74 degrees: 10
75-79 degrees: 16
80-84 degrees: 6
85 degrees or hotter: 5. (Record high: 91 set in 1972. We hit 87 in 2009.)

It has rained on 18 Fourths at some point during the day in the 62 year period (including 2011), or 29 percent. That's slightly higher than the 117 year average of 28 percent.

Have a happy and safe Fourth!