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Fog devours Vashon Island

Fog devours Vashon Island

This video looks straight out of a car commercial showing off its sleek aerodynamics, but it's no car -- it's Vashon Island!

Take a look at this great time lapse video of fog rolling over Vashon Island Wednesday morning around 9 a.m., courtesy of YouNews contributor gregarios

It gives a beautiful representation of how air can flow over hills and mountains, and how mountains can create their own weather systems. If you think of this on a much larger scale, you can visualize how the Olympic Mountains provide lift to moist air that rolls in off the Pacific Ocean.

That lifting process will eventually cause that air to cool and condense and "wring out" its moisture -- which is why there is an expansive rain forest on the southwestern side of the Olympics. (Annual rain fall totals there reach over 200 inches -- the wettest spot in the lower 48 states!)

It's hard to see in this video on a small scale, but had Vashon Island been a lot taller, the clouds would lift higher and likely condense and squeeze out some rain fall -- I wouldn't be surprised to hear there was at least a little mist or drizzle from this fog bank on the south side of the island.