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Everett registers among coldest highs in nation for Thursday

Everett registers among coldest highs in nation for Thursday

After a short burst of summer-like weather, the clouds and cooler temperatures have moved back in. Thursday's high of 67 was 17 degrees cooler than Wednesday's 84.

But it was even colder up in Everett, where a Puget Sound Convergence Zone was hanging out all day, keeping it rather drizzly, then rainy there.

How cold? Paine Field reported a high temperature of just 57 degrees.

I found it hard to imagine any spot in the lower 48 being colder than that, so I checked and, lo and behold, it appears I am right. Now, this is for cities, not just any old spot as I'm sure some thermometers atop mountains probably registered cooler temperatures, but as far as where people live, I think Everett was the winner.

But as I researched this, I was struck by just how our area was the lone spot where summer has gone missing. Take a look at this chart of high temperatures for Thursday (I added in Everett (KPAE) on this chart in red.)

(Click to see larger version)  

Note how the Northwest is not just cooler than the rest of the nation -- but significantly cooler. Overall, you've got Seattle and Portland at 67, the coast in the low 60s (60 in Forks, 61 in Hoquiam, 62 in Astoria, 64 in North Bend, Ore., 61 in Crescent City, Calif.) and 69 at San Francisco Airport, which is right along the water (it was 82 in San Jose) and a few low 70s in extreme northern Maine. Other than that, everyone's 80 or better, with a large chunk of the nation well into the 90s and even triple digits.

Even much of southern Canada checked in warmer!

So, rest of America, if you're looking for a place to dodge the summer heat right now, come on out to the Emerald City!