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Stevens Pass has latest "melt out" date of last 30 years

Stevens Pass has latest "melt out" date of last 30 years

It was great news for skiers and the water supply, not so much for swimwear sales in the lowlands.

Our chilly spring and early summer have added up to the latest snow melt date at Stevens Pass in the past 30 years, according to State Climatologist Mark Albright.

Defined as the last day with 2" of more snow water equivalent on the ground, those conditions were met was on July 1.

The previous latest date was June 25th (both in 1999 and 2008). The average date is June 2 and the earliest was May 1 in 2005. Records for this statistic go back to 1981.

According to the Stevens Pass ski resort, they had 514 inches of total snow fall last season -- despite a paltry January where the last half of the month only saw 11" of new snow, setting the 6th lowest overall monthly total since their records began in the winter of 1951-52.

But once late February rolled around and La Nina conditions really got going, the snow returned with a vengeance. The resort said they got over 240 inches of snow since then, with March's 138" the sixth highest since 1951-52 and April's 73 inches the greatest since 1960.

We're not expecting quite as much snow next year as La Nina conditions have ended. But neutral years can many times still deliver a healthy snowpack.