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Rare July fog greets Seattleites

Rare July fog greets Seattleites
Photo: KOMO Photographer Doug Pigsley

The rain, clouds, and cool temperatures this month ave been reminiscent of April.

So why not bring in some fog as well?

A rare July fog greeted Seattleites Monday morning -- just enough of a hint to allow the sun to do some tricks with the Space Needle. KOMO Photographer Doug Pigsley got these neat shots of the sun and shadows using the fog as a backdrop to put on a bit of an optical display.

Seattle averages just 1.5 days of dense fog in July -- actually a little more than our least foggiest months of May and June (0.7 days). That might seem strange since this is also prime marine push season that brings in the low overcast and fog off the Pacific Ocean, but the push's traits are more of a low overcast than a ground fog.

But Monday morning we had perfect conditions: A wet ground from Sunday's rain, clearing skies to allow the temperature to drop, and some lingering humid air from Sunday's weather system. (Dew points were in the upper 50s Sunday -- rather high by Seattle standards but masked by the cool temperatures. Had the sun popped out on Sunday and temperatures bumped closer to 70, it would have been noticeably muggy.)

The clear skies are quite common (well, usually) in the summer, but rain is (usually) rare and so are the high dew points. But we managed the foggy hat trick Monday.

But it's been foggier before. The record for dense fog in July is 8 days set in 1952.