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Seattle soaks up some summer -- 273 minutes of it to be exact

Seattle soaks up some summer -- 273 minutes of it to be exact

For a while, it seemed Seattle was about to cement its legacy as home of the 78-minute summer.

But no more.

With a nice warm, sunny Sunday, Seattle now has had its first extended "summer experience" which I had defined as 80 degrees or warmer at the University of Washington.

The total tally was 273 minutes Sunday (4 hours, 33 minutes) bringing our entire Seattle summer experience up to a whopping 351 minutes.

Also of note Sunday, Everett was warmer than 75 degrees for the first time this year (they hit 78).

But just like many of the previous warm days this summer so far, it's not lasting. A cool marine push was heading inland Sunday night and the forecast for the rest of the week had highs in the upper 60s to 70s where, as we found, many around here like just fine, even if it doesn’t add to our tally.


For those who are curious, I've set up a new Twitter Feed @SummerMinutes you can follow where I'll keep daily tabs on the number of minutes of summer weather we've had in Seattle. You can also get more cool weather statistics, as always, from my main Twitter feed @ScottSKOMO or Facebook