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'Jellyfish' clouds reappear over Seattle

'Jellyfish' clouds reappear over Seattle

 You know it's a summer in Seattle when even the fair weather clouds are raining.

Last week the city was treated to these streaking clouds -- which are actually just harmless cirrus clouds that shedding some ice crystals.

But since ice crystals are more "drift" than "fall" from these clouds, they appear to get stretched out and pulled in the wind like taffy.

This weekend, the clouds were out again -- only this time they looked even more like jellyfish.

Here is a larger version of the photo above, taken by Bruce in West Seattle:

But even better, Greg Johnson captured them on his time lapse camera in Hansville -- apparently these clouds were out all night because this is video of the sunrise Sunday morning (watch the cruise ship zip by on its way back to Seattle.)

And in case you missed it, here is an explanation on how the clouds formed

UPDATE: Here is one more photo that surfaced by Tom Bigley, who took this photo Saturday from Cooper Point in Olympia: