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Late sunshine salvages July's summer reputation?

Late sunshine salvages July's summer reputation?

We all know Seattle's summer reputation has taken a hit. Heck, there's even been a song written about it (coming soon in a future blog).

Each month from February through June ended up near or in the Top 10 coldest in Sea-Tac history, with April topping the charts as coldest on record. 

But while July will mark Seattle's sixth-consecutive month of below-normal temperatures, it actually didn't turn out too shabby, at least relatively speaking.

July finished with an average high of 73.6 degrees, which puts it at only 18th coldest since 1948.  (How could it be any colder, what with our 351 minutes of 80 degree temps?)

As for monthly rainfall, Seattle had 0.71" of rain, which is actually a tad below normal! (Normal is 0.78")

And we didn't even end up with as much "gloom" as you might think. Seattle officially had 10 overcast days in the month -- we average 11.  We also average 10 sunny days a month (measured as 30 percent cloud cover or less) and ended up with eight (the rest were partly cloudy). But eight is not bad, considering we had just 10 total from Feb. 1 though June 30 (and five of those were in February).

What might have skewed the data was that we had eight days with measurable rain and four others with a trace -- about a third of the month had some rainfall at some point.

We average five days of rain in July, and I think it might have been further exacerbated by the frequent convergence zones that brought way more rain to North King and Snohomish Counties. Everett reported 15 days with measurable rain, which works out to nearly every other day.

We also had some very chilly days, with three days in Seattle at 63 degrees or colder. So I think that had the months before July been normal, this month might not have seemed so bad. It was just that even a nearly average July wasn't enough to make up for the way-below-average months that preceded it.

But long range models hold this current sunshine and 70s streak for a while, so August is well on its way to cementing itself as the weather champion this year for sun fans.


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