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Time lapse trifecta: Good morning, good afternoon, good night!

Time lapse trifecta: Good morning, good afternoon, good night!

Sunday August 7th will go down in the Seattle record books as a mundane 74 degree day in Seattle. But if you were paying close attention, you would see that there were plenty of events around the region that were anything but mundane.

Good Morning!

Fresh off the heels of filming a night of spinning stars and galaxies with Mt. Rainier in the foreground, Don Jensen went back to the mountain early Sunday morning, camera in hand.

He took a series of time lapse videos that showcased the beauty that you can see beyond a simple sunrise.

Here is how he describes his five short videos:

Sequence 1: Taken from the trail to Freemont Lookout. Watch the clouds engulf the mountain.

Sequence 2: Taken from Sourdough Ridge. This one is neat because there are actually clouds (fog) coming from behind the camera and heading towards the mountain.

Sequence 3: Milky Way moving over the mountain as clouds move out of the valley below.

Sequence 4: Milky Way fading as the sun begins making its way towards the horizon.

Sequence 5: Rainier being lit up by the rising sun.

Good Afternoon!

As the day warmed, the attention shifted from the heavens to the surface.

Check out this superior mirage effect that Greg Johnson captured with his web camera in Hansville.

You need a warm, clear day to where the cold air near the water can bend the light to make this interesting effect. He says on summer days it frequently looks like there are major condos that have instantly sprung up along the distant shores.

And... Good Night

As the sunshine faded to night time, Dr. Dale Ireland's web camera not only captured the brilliant sunset, but also recorded a sun pillar as the sun headed behind the Olympic Mountains.

Just goes to show that there is never a dull day in Seattle, no matter how the weather might seem!