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Seattle summer: From worst ever to best ever?

Seattle summer: From worst ever to best ever?

As the summer solstice loomed in late June, Seattle was just coming off a 58 degree day with nearly a 1/2" of rain, which was just par for the course after the coldest spring on record. The actual solstice brought a sunny 78 degree day, only to be followed by five of the next six days in the 60s; three of them rainy.

Seattle was convinced: It was going to be the summer that wasn't, following the spring that was more like autumn. Nicknames of "Juneuary" were already becoming part of the nomenclature, following the ever-popular "Mayvember". "Julober" was at the ready, already saved in our Word spell check so it wouldn’t keep getting flagged (lest it keep getting changed to "clobber".)

Heck, we were even joking that Seattle had barely an hour of summer. (We're still at 351 minutes, by the way.)

But then a funny thing happened on the way to July: The weather got a little better. July 2nd hit 82. The Fourth of July was spectacular. The 5th and 6th followed with highs in the low 80s.

Oh sure, the 80s weren't going to stick around long, and there were still some very chilly days in the low 60s with low clouds and drizzle. But overall, the sun was starting to take charge, and pair up with incredibly consistent westerly winds that would combine to bring arguably the most pleasant stretch of weather Seattle has had in ages -- and perhaps ever?

They don't really keep records for pleasantness (note to NOAA: Let's start!) but check out where we've been since July 1:

Wednesday was Seattle's 12th day in a row with a high temperature in the 70s, and 15th of the 17 days this month to qualify. It's just an 81 degree day on the 4th followed by a 66 on the 5th that are the only bobbles.

Going back to July 1, Seattle has finished 38 of the 48 days in the 70s, with an even split of 5-and-5 in the 80s and 60s. All told, the average high temperature from July 1 though Aug. 17 is 73.7 degrees. And it's been mostly sunny for quite a few of those days -- even on the weekends where the average high was 74.2.

And more of the same is on tap, as we're looking at a nice stretch here of highs in the 75-82 degree range through the weekend.

And even the infamous rain has gone away: Seattle is working on a 23-day streak without measurable rain.

So while Spring 2011 has likely been banished to the Witness Protection Program, Summer 2011 just may be able to hold its head high after all!