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Take a tour below, in, and above the clouds

Take a tour below, in, and above the clouds
Photo from web cameras at sea level, 5,500 feet and 10,000 feet on Aug. 30, 2011.

With the magic of web cameras, you don't have to be a pilot to find out how high the marine layer is on our cloudy, summer days.

UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright sent me three pictures today from area Web cameras that help explain the weather story of the day.

The first one was taken from Packwood, near sea level, looking south at 12:45 p.m., where Albright says the temperature was 60 degrees:


Next, here's a shot in the clouds from Paradise Ranger Station webcam about 5,400 feet elevation, where it was 44 degrees:

And finally, the shot above the clouds, courtesy of the Camp Muir webcam at over 10,000 feet. Temperature was listed at 45 degrees here too.

You can check these cameras the rest of the week to monitor the cloud layer, but as we get into the weekend, it looks like it won't be necessary as clouds will be hard to find.