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Let's look at some pretty clouds, shall we?

Let's look at some pretty clouds, shall we?
Image courtesy: NASA

Cumulus clouds get all the press, what with their imagination-energizing shape-shifting powers ("I see a duck!" "I see a bunny!" "I see the opening scene from Winnie the Pooh's new movie!")

But there are plenty of other clouds out there worthy of some attention.

First up are some colorful Nacreous Clouds spotted above Ross Island in Antarctica.

These clouds are caused by icy conditions in the skies and are common around the poles. You might also call them "soap bubble" clouds because that is what they look like to me.

Image: Chad Carpenter, National Science Foundation

If you like these, there are more photos in my blog's archives.

>Then there, are these clouds, which are just a few from a great article on that showcased several interesting cloud formations. (The article is over a year old, but the clouds are still cool)

A few of my favorites: The Van Karman Vortex clouds off of Selkirk Island (near Chile):

Image: Bob Cahalan/NASA

And these anvil clouds as seen from space over Africa: (Both images courtesy: NASA)

There are plenty more photos at that story.

Closer to home, Jack Moskovita snapped this awesome photo of Mt. Rainier:

How about some pretty clouds at sunset? This sunset was taken from Fidalgo Island on Aug. 25 from Cheryl Hellam:

Finally, some video -- check out the shadows that high level clouds cast on the lower level clouds from Dr. Dale Ireland's camera in Silverdale looking west over Hood Canal. It looks like the clouds are blinking: