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Pacific Northwest shows off its summer beauty

Pacific Northwest shows off its summer beauty
Kids chase a heron in Bellingham Bay.

Combine pleasant temperatures, a few clouds here and there, and several local photographers out enjoying the elements, and we have a nice photo journal of how the Pacific Northwest has strutted its stuff over the past few months.

First up are some great shots of what are called "anti-crepuscular rays" -- these are rays that are actually on the opposite site of the horizon from the sun! Both photos taken by Liem Bahneman:

And here's a shot of the moon that was also around at the time:

How about where the actual sun is setting? First photo is from Ken Sjodin of Edmonds. Second is from YouNews contributor hughixman:

As usual, the mountains are also on display. The first photo are some flowers in a field at Silver Star in front of Mount Adams by Tyler Mode:

And here is Mt. Rainier from the sky -- an Alaska flight from Yakima by Karen Wilson

From the mountains to the oceans, the first photo is from Matt Wardian from a recent trip to Seabrook:

And Diana Timmons of Gig Harbor shot this photo that with the shadows off the rocks at Cannon Beach, Oregon, it almost looks like an angel in the sunlight.

Keep those cameras rolling!