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Fun with time lapse videos

Fun with time lapse videos

Quite a variety of videos to offer you to kick off this last week of summer.

From wildfires, to an "alien invasion" to cruise ships that light up the sky to even a dust storm, it's been an active few weeks in the West.

Let's start in Silverdale, where Dr. Dale Ireland had a few interesting time lapse videos from his deck

The first one from Sept. 13 shows a very intriguing combination of a Puget Sound Convergence Zone battle with what almost looks like an alien invasion going on above. What is actually happening are some higher clouds casting shadows on the lower clouds.

But also watch the amazing wind shear with the clouds going all sorts of directions as the south and north winds battle inside the convergence zone.

This next one is from Sept. 8 -- a sunny day but watch how the wildfire haze moves about, then spreads west as the evening seabreezes kick in just in time to turn the sun a bright shade of red:

How about something a bit different? The folks over at SkunkBayWeathercam tried turning up their camera exposure and running the time lapse overnight. Greg Johnson was originally trying to see if he could record the Northern Lights, but they weren't around on this night.

However, you can see quite a few ships zooming by, and planes in the sky -- and I think toward the end on the right side, I'm not 100% sure on this but it looks like he might have captured a thunderstorm over the far mountains (the camera is pointing east/northeast from Hansville). Could also be city lights reflecting, but could also be lightning?

And if you think those cruise ships going by are bright -- they even light up the sky!

Take a look at this screen capture as one went by:

His camera also finds interesting stuff during the day, like this "standing cloud" over Whidbey Island which is likely due to some converging winds.

Speaking of interesting clouds, Scott Warrender noticed on Aug. 25th that there seemed to be every cloud in the book in the sky, and took out his camera to prove it:

And to finish the off, Arizona resident Mike Olbinski had his time lapse camera rolling when the Phoenix area got hit with yet another dust storm -- this one on Sept. 11:

Special Note: While I've got you here, a favor to ask for my North Seattle readers: Be on the lookout for a missing dog.  Fellow weather blogger and my UW mentor Cliff Mass says a pet nanny has lost his black female cockapoo and he suspects someone has picked her up.  You can find out more info and see pics at this website Mass set up for the search. Thanks.