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A song for Seattle's 3,323 minutes of summer

A song for Seattle's 3,323 minutes of summer
Cosmo, the sunbathing 32-pound cat, soaks up some rays on Sept. 19, 2011.

Back when Seattleites didn't think we'd ever have any kind of real summer and our whole "78 minutes of summer" counter really took hold, Phil Julian took pity on us.

Julian is a songwriter and  former Bothell resident now living in Richmond, Virginia and was in the midst of their whole "heat dome" sweat-fest when our news broke.

But he still felt a bit bad for us.

So he decided to help the rest of the nation know just what Seattle was going through by penning a song, written to the tune of Lovin Spoonful's "Summer in the City." We took the liberty of setting it to video.

Now, by the time we got this all completed in mid-August, lo and behold, the sun came out and the gloomy summer went away. What had not even been an hour and a half of summer was quickly expanding to where we even had the longest stretch of hot weather in September in Seattle history. (Thanks, Mother Nature, for attempting to render our efforts moot!)

But since today is the end of summer, I figured it was as good a time as any to remind us at least how the summer began in Seattle, even if redemption came later. So enjoy this trip down memory lane:

(Here are his lyrics in case you missed a few words.)

Summer, by the minutes

Because I am an admitted weather geek, I did manage to keep track of our "minutes of summer" through my secondary Twitter feed @Summerminutes. This was the number of minutes the temperature at the Univeristy of Washington was at or above 80 degrees.

  • July 2: 12 minutes
  • July 6: 66 minutes
  • July 24: 273 minutes
  • Aug. 20: 392 minutes
  • Aug .21: 382 minutes
  • Aug. 24: 104 minutes
  • Aug. 25: 141 minutes
  • Aug. 26: 224 minutes
  • Aug. 27: 26 minutes
  • Sept. 4: 276 minutes
  • Sept. 5: 38 minutes
  • Sept. 6: 153 minutes
  • Sept. 7: 115 minutes
  • Sept. 8: 305 minutes
  • Sept. 9: 321 minutes
  • Sept. 10: 155 minutes
  • Sept. 11: 337 minutes

Total minutes of summer: 3,323. Or 55 hours and 23 minutes.

By Month:
July: 351 min (8%)
Aug.: 1352 min (41%)
Sept.: 1703 min (51%).
Best Day: Aug. 20 (392 min)

Next challenge -- maybe I'll count number of minutes of rain in autumn, although I think for that we might have to break out scientific notation, so perhaps not :)

Have a happy autumn!

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