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Potpourri Blog: Since I've been gone...

Potpourri Blog: Since I've been gone...
Photo by: Ken & Danielle Treis

While the blog was on two-week autopilot during my vacation, good content kept flowing in to the ol' weather inbox. I figured I'd take today to showcase some of the stuff that happened while the blog had "gone fishin' "

A Tornado And Funnel Cloud

It's scary enough to see one tornado... can't imagine the disbelief of seeing two.

But sure enough, out in the St. John area of Whitman County in southeastern Washington, Ken & Danielle Treis photographed two adjacent funnels.

According to the National Weather Service, one touched the ground while the other remained just a funnel cloud.

And this photo taken by Dr. Dale Ireland in Silverdale shows more of the lenticular clouds we've recently showcased in the blog:

More Relaxing Photos

Meanwhile, on the western side of the Cascades, things were a bit calmer. Gary Main took this photo of a rainbow hitting the Space Needle, as seen from Capitol Hill on Sept. 27:

Over in Hansville, the camera at Skunk Bay Weather captured this great time lapse video of rainbows near Admiralty Inlet (as well as a nice rolling convergence zone, I believe, in the afternoon):

And in case you didn't hear, over in Germany, photographers finally captured the elusive "quadruple rainbow" on film. Check out the BBC's web site for pictures and more information.

Strange Shadow

YouNews contributor beckibreece snapped this photo of a jet's contrail casting a shadow on the clouds below, from Enumclaw.

Gorgeous Sunsets

And it's just not the Northwest without a great sunset. This was taken by Jane Herzog in Port Ludlow:

Have a great weekend!