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Orange skies just in time for Halloween

Orange skies just in time for Halloween

Not exactly the best weather to go trick or treating in, but it sure did set the mood.

On Oct. 17, a massive dust storm rolled through the town of Lubbock, Texas. Much like the what happened in Phoenix in July, a strong windstorm kicked up a whole lot of dust from the drought-stricken area and turned their skies a spooky orange.

In checking the Lubbock airport it reported 91 degrees just before the storm struck, then the temperature dropped to 73 a few hours later as winds gusted as high as 64 mph. Wow!

Here are some time lapse videos of the event as found on YouTube:

Other Weekend Tidbits

Cloudy skies will likely prevent the Northwest from seeing two shows in the skies this weekend.

First up, the annual Orionid Meteor shower peaks early Saturday morning with those who can actually see the skies treated to about 15 meteors a minute. If you happen to be up early before dawn and you're feeling adventurous, just get away from city lights and find Orion and that's where the meteors will originate from.

Second, the wayward ROSAT space telescope is making its final laps around Earth and expected to crash home sometime Sunday. But as it makes its final passes, it's fairly bright. Check here to get times and where to look for it, although again, weather is not really cooperating.

Speaking of space

Dale Ireland in Silverdale snapped this photo of the ISS as it passed by over our area on Oct 18:

And while we're on the subject of ISS: I found this time lapse video showing how the space station sees thunderstorms from the air. (Similar to the "Southern Lights" video I posted a while back, only this one shows mostly thunderstorms. If I were on the ISS, I'd just park myself in front of the window for hours when it was dark and just watch.)


In case you missed it on our Marysville page, just wanted to give a quick shout out to Tanner Petersen, who is in 8th grade but already blogging about the weather :)