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Strange clouds dance above thunderstorm in Singapore

Strange clouds dance above thunderstorm in Singapore
Courtesy YouTube contributor abrigatti

Chalk this up under something you likely have never seen before.

This alert photographer, who goes by username "abrigatti" on YouTube, says he was just lounging by his pool in Singapore when he noticed these strange clouds "dancing" in the sky.

"As I looked over head I saw some weird cloud shoots of light and puff as the clouds seemed to reform sporadically," he wrote on wrote on his YouTube page. "I could see that a storm cloud was building, but the light and visual show was intriguing me. So I grabbed my iPhone and recorded this..."

According to the fine folks at Astronomy Picture of the Day, where I was alerted to this video, a leading hypothesis to this dancing cloud's cause is, "a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can temporarily change the electric field above the cloud where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight."

In essence, it scrambles the clouds around it.

Science writer Phil Plait, who writes the popular Bad Astronomy column for Discover Magazine, gives a much more detailed explanation at how he thinks these clouds are formed, if you are interested: