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What old treasures are hidden in the KOMO Weather Center?

What old treasures are hidden in the KOMO Weather Center?
I *know* these are going to be on your Christmas list this year...

In looking in a dusty file cabinet for an old page of weather data I had around here ages ago, I stumbled upon some fairly old items that haven't seen the light of day for several years.

Or in some cases, decades.

Sure, we only moved into Fisher Plaza in 2000, but apparently a lot of stuff buried in the old weather center made it into a moving box.

There are items from back when Microsoft used to name Windows their year of issue, when computer disks came in 3.5" squares or small tapes, and when TV was shot on film.

I figured this was sort of an unintentional time capsule whose day had needed to come to see the light of our high-tech digital camera.

So take a journey with me down memory lane of the items that maybe should have been stored at MOHAI... or perhaps just a garbage can.

The photo above is yours truly showcasing off some amazing glasses, complete with battery-operated wipers -- perfect for those on the go in Seattle's soggy climate.

Not sure how long they've been there but the packaging indicates they're not exactly of American engineering:

We found some old software:

Some very old software:

And... then there was this gem!:

Want to see what's on it? Take a peek at this video -- "Mr. P" is on at about 2:00 in: 

Oh, there's old weather stuff too, like a chart that used to come off our printers in the days before the Internet. This map is from Dec. 13, 1994:

And one of my old notebooks from my days at UW. These are notes from when I took Atmospheric Sciences 301 (See, Prof. Cliff Mass, I took notes! :) ) And you can see why calculus is a prerequisite:

And some of the original letters from our Weather Watchers program from 1994-1995:

There is plenty more where this came from in the photo gallery link at the top of this blog -- I've described each item in the photo caption.

In the meantime, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sneeze. It's still a bit dusty around here!