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Incredible video shows stars taking spin around Mt. Rainier

Incredible video shows stars taking spin around Mt. Rainier
Copyright Don Jensen

Blog originally published Aug. 23, 2011

Count local photographer Don Jensen among the many around here who are happy the skies finally cleared this summer.

He took his camera out on a clear night in late July, 2011 and got some incredible photos of the starry night above Mt. Rainier -- several hundred of them, in fact.

He then took the photos and made them into a time lapse video.

"It's kinda cool seeing the climbers move around on the mountain," he wrote on his Flickr page "I also wish I had been more aware of the tree shadows in the second sequence with the trees. I would have made a bigger point of showing them. It's all part of he evolution of learning."

Without further ado, here is the culmination of his hard work:

While we're on the subject, here are some other similar videos that showcase the heavens above our tallest mountain.

This one combines time lapse with a meteor shower:

In the meantime, Jensen said he is going to try and go up there again this week, so stay tuned, there could be a follow up blog!